Robert Michael Evans

Before you enter the temple you should first rinse your hands and mouth with this water

This 5 story pagoda can be found at Senso-ji Temple in Asakusa. The oldest Buddhist temple in Japan

Taking a quick oxygen and sleep deprived nap at the top of Mt.Fuji.

Taking a little breather to enjoy the sunrise and adjust to the altitude. One hour left to make it to the top!

Flying over the Sea of Japan on our way to Tokyo

Dongdaemun Design Plaza. This building is a spaceship.

This is Wangsimni Station. My lady and I walk through it everyday on the route from our apartment to our school. I had to pretty much hang off the  edge of a 14 story building to get this shot…it was worth it.

Fire Spinning at Korea Burn

CIty of Sleepers. 4am in Hongdae

The Korean version of a food truck

Saw my first solar halo on Muuido island yesterday! I just wish I had a wider lens to really capture the sceen.

If I had to choose only one of my photos to represent South Korean culture, it would be this one. Scenes like this aren’t rare when you combine having the highest per capita alcohol consumption in the world with the longest average working hours and then top it all off  with an almost mandatory social obligation of drinking with your boss and co-workers. Sweet Dreams.

Another weekend that seemed entirely too short draws to a close, and as a present to bring in the new work week mother nature has decided to give us an early taste of monsoon season. I’m not looking forward to the constant terrible weather but I’m really excited about the possible pictures that can come out of it!

I encounter cats all the time when I am out roaming the streets but rarely dogs **insert joke about Koreans eating dog**…so you know I stopped and played with this guy for a couple minutes. He was honestly one of the sweetest dogs I’ve met.

Post up. Drink up. Homeless in Seoul